Meet the designer

Hello, I am LeAnne Hilgefort, Web/UI Designer Extraordinaire, Coder and Cat Enthusiast. I have over 10 years of experience managing multiple design projects, from initial concept through finished product, while meeting strict deadlines. I thrive when I am in an environment where I can freely express a company’s ideals through creative, effective design. This website embodies my personality (Yes, the hero image is really stuff I have on my desk), which I like to call "controlled chaos". A lot of structure, with a touch of flair has been my motto from the start. You can have the best design in the world, but without function, it's nothing. Design is more than creativity, it is also knowledge of how to create great customer experiences, which is why I always view things thru the lens of the end user.

Making the internet beautiful, one pixel at a time!

My unique Skills

Responsive designer

Well versed in the intricacies of responsive web design and what it takes to make your site look good on any device.

Deadline driven

Thriving in fast-paced environments, always looking for ways to increase efficiency and never sacrificing quality.

Brand builder

Bringing fresh perspective to any project but staying within brand guidelines to create a cohesive look across the board.

Photoshop rockstar

Great at constructing ethical images to meet the needs of any project. Whether a few small touch ups or creating a new image altogether.

Passionate learner

Dedicated to making every project the best it can be, by keeping up on industry news, trends and best practices. More knowledge leads to great customer experiences.

Designer & Coder

A developers best friend. A rockstar at coding email campaigns, and a basic understanding of resposive code, bootstrap, javascript and PHP.


My favorite Works

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